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Looking After Your Gates

Wooden gates can add a huge amount of grandeur and quality to the exterior appearance of a home. They not only provide added privacy and security for the property and the surrounding area, but they also tie the aesthetics of the building and the land together, defining bespoke attributes and adding a touch of class. After all, for most people visiting a property the gates and are the first point of visualisation and contact with the homestead so it is worth making sure they look good and compliment the home and surrounding land.

A brand new pair of wooden gates always look really beautiful in front or at the rear of a property, however if they are left uncared for wooden gates can deteriorate and after a year or so they will begin to look shabby and unkempt. This is especially a problem in countries with fluctuating climates such as the UK. However if the right care and treatment is attributed towards the gates, they will continue to impress and even get better with age as the colour of the wood matures and the texture offers a hardened antique finish.

Quality wooden gates are expensive and difficult to replace, so in order to make the most out of your purchase, it is important to care for them correctly. Just a short amount of time spent looking after your gates and servicing them annually will ensure that they are able to survive freezing cold winters and blazing hot summers.

Treating Your Gates
The timber we use at The Traditional Gate Company is high quality kiln dried. Water based treatments can cause the gate to reabsorb water and begin to either crack or allow rot to set in. Once rot has set in this in turn makes the wood increasingly susceptible to absorption of water and the condition of the gate can deteriorate quickly. For high quality kiln dried wood such as ours we suggest using spirit based products such as Cuprinol and other white spirit based products. The spirit is absorbed into the wood and repels further water. This prevents rot firstly, by repelling water and moisture and secondly by killing any microbes or fungi which can cause the wood to rot. Different solvent based treatment products will offer different guidelines for how regularly you should re-treat the wood, however we recommend applying a fresh coat of a spirit based treatment once every six months.

Ideally treatment should be applied during the changing seasons, i.e. just before the summer and prior to winter so that the new treatment protects against extreme changes in temperature. The type of wood your gate is made from is also incredibly important, so make sure the product you purchase is suitable for the wood used to build your gates by checking the guidelines. Hardwoods such as Sapele do not always need treating because the dead hardwood inside is full of its own naturally occurring chemicals and preservatives, however they are still vulnerable to some specialist types of fungi, therefore it is worth treating all hardwood gates.

Painting Gates
Most of our customers find wooden gates are best left unpainted. Painting means you lose the natural wooden look that comes with wooden gates and, more importantly, if paint is left to crack during warm summer months the gate becomes liable to water absorption and once moisture get inside, it will be retained by the paint, therefore creating the ideal environment for rot to form. If you wish to paint your gates, it is once again important to use a solvent rather than water based paint on our kiln dried wood.

Furthermore the gates should be kept under regular observation and any cracks which form on the gate should be painted over as soon as possible. If conditions are wet, damp or humid during the time in which cracks form, it may be worth applying a hair dryer to the cracked region for five to ten minutes before painting over it in order to ensure that any moisture trapped inside the wood is removed. Spirit based paints also complement a spirit based preserver. This is because a gate already treated with spirit based preserver will repel a water based paint, therefore requiring several coats, whereas a spirit based paint can easily be applied with one or two coats to a gate which has been treated with spirit based preserver.

Maintenance & Repair
A gate may look robust, but it should be treated like high quality pine furniture. This does not only mean treating it regularly, but also means repairing any damage as quickly as possible. The gate structure is often engineered as a whole, therefore any loose bolts or fractured timber must be repaired quickly in order to prevent the weakening of the entire gate structure.

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