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Sliding gates are sometimes the only way to have a useable gate in a space where swing gates simply won't work or cause inconvenience. Typically a single large sliding gate is installed rather than a pair that move in opposite directions. We have experience in manufacture, supply, installation and automation of sliding gates. There are quite a few things to consider when costing a sliding gate solution which is why we are not able to list much in the way of prices on our website. In the above photo you can see the long steel section about half way up the gate. This is generally the required hardware to automate a sliding gate that has a curved top. There is a much simpler solution for sliding gates that have a straight top which does make for a more attractive appearance than the mass of steel that is shown above.

The easiest and cheapest way to have a sliding gate made is to have a pair of gates made that are bolted together (as per above & below photo). This not only costs less to make, but is far easier to transport. Some people especially like their sliding gate to look like a pair of gates and this option is perfect in that case.

Front View Sandringham Sliding Gate in Hardwood 
However, sometimes a large single gate is the way forward and generally it is when that is what the customer would like. We have recently installed and automated a 6 metre wide Hardwood Sliding Gate in London for a client and it has to be said, the gate looks impressive as the photo below shows.
Chatsworth Sliding Gate London Hardwood 
Not only do we use high quality materials for the gates, but we also use only trusted equipment for the sliding mechanism as well as high quality electronic and mechanical systems for function, convenience and safety. Of course you don't need to only have large gates that slide. Smaller gates do equally well...
Softwoo Sliding Gate - White Painted
They can be automated or manually operated depending on your budget and needs. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.
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